What is Blue Rock Reflexology & Wellness?

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am Kerrie, owner and creator of Blue Rock Reflexology and Wellness.  

Blue Rock is a small, independent wellness centre with just myself treating people. 

Other wellness centres typically offer Acupuncture, Massage, Physio and Chiropractors but with Blue Rock - my vision was to create something different - a place where we can get great results for physical health and emotional conditions by treating the body using the following non-invasive, natural, therapeutic modalities Reflexology, Auricular Medicine and Dr. Bach Tinctures.

What is Reflexology?

Non-invasive, no clothing removed, some people find Reflexology more relaxing than having a massage.  Some people find it a more pleasant alternative to seeing a Chiropractor. 
Reflexology helps our body to heal itself.  The body's parts, glands and organs are mapped onto our feet, face, ears, scalp and hands. 
By using gentle massage techniques on these reflex areas, we can bring optimal function to the body, promoting relaxation, increasing circulation and helping many health conditions. 

But what does the science say?

Reflexology has a lot of evidence based research to support it's efficacy upon peoples well-being, emotional and physiological health conditions. 

Here is some of my own anecdotal evidence but if you require the science then please scroll to the end of the page and click the button that will link you to hundreds of evidence based research articles supporting Reflexology's efficacy in helping people.

In my own practice, here's some of the following findings that I have:

1) helped many clients with neck, shoulder and back pain.  They have seen a decrease in the amount of pain they were in and/or an increase in the range of motion in their neck and back measured from before and after 1 session.  

2) I have treated people with migraines that have found less duration and frequency of the migraine.

3) I have treated people who report better sleeping than before they started Reflexology.

4) I have treated a lady whose period was absent for 1.5 years, only to return after 2 Reflexology treatments.  

5) I have treated people with anxiety who report it has been better to manage.

6) I have reduced the amount of humming in a client with tinnitus, reducing the high pitched ringing in their ear, to a lower more muffled noise that they were able to deal with better - during 1 treatment.  The second treatment reduced it even further.  

7) I have treated men with erectile dysfunction who have reported that they noticed an improvement.  

Here is 1 study that was conducted about Pain Management through different mechanisms

Several studies have shown reflexology to be effective for pain management in various ways. In a double-blind study conducted in 2017 with nurses, subjects who received a 40 minutes reflexology treatment, three times a week, reported a significant reduction of their chronic back pain.
There was a reduction in the intensity of the pain as well as the subjects’ perception of pain. This same decrease in pain was also observed in a group of breast cancer patients who received 30 minutes foot reflexology from a certified reflexology therapist, in a study conducted by scientists from the University of Southern California.
A third way reflexology therapy proved effective for pain management was through increasing the pain threshold, which is the point at which pain is starting to be felt.
The effects of reflexology on pain intensity, perception of pain and pain threshold was valid in situations of chronic, as well as acute pain. 

Click the button below, to take you over to RAC, Reflexology Association of Canada's website, where they have hundreds of articles conducted by academics and researchers detailing the positive effects of Reflexology. 

In the above photograph is Dr. Paul Nogier, the 'grandfather' of French Auricular Medicine, accompanied by Lise Couture, Canada's leading expert on French Auricular Medicine.

What is Auricular Medicine?

This therapeutic modality, was created by French Neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1960's in Lyon, France and is still widely practised in Europe.   Kerrie, is one of a handful of people in Canada who is trained in this non-invasive, healing modality. 

Dr. Nogier, was from a family of researchers and with a curious mind, he stumbled upon many men in his village in France with the same mark upon their ear.  Upon closer inspection it was a burn mark on the skin of the ear, but all men had it in the same place on their ears.  
Dr. Nogier asked the men why did they have the same mark upon their ear, and their response was "Madame Barran did it - she has cured our back pain".   Indeed, Madame Barran had actually cauterized their ears, but all in the same point and had cured all the men of their back pain.  Fuelled by intrigue, Nogier started researching into this more. 

Nogier's research discovered that the ear represented a 'microcosm' of what was going on in the body (macrocosm).  He discovered different areas of the ear represented different areas of the body and that by treating these areas, he was able to evoke a healing response in the correlating body part.

Auricular Medicine is a natural, drug-free, pain-free method of detecting where an imbalance lies in the body.  Using different coloured filters near the external ear and detecting a change in the body's pulse, we can determine where the imbalance lies and treat that part of the ear with a cold low level laser.

I was taught by Lise Couture, who was a student of Dr. Paul Nogier in Lyon, France.  Over the years Lise has helped thousands of people all over the world.  Her work has seen her teach and treat people in Canada, America, Argentina and Uruguay and other countries.  Lise developed a special protocol which helped many people with Parkinson's disease.

Did you know?

Nogier's work and findings was so highly regarded that the Chinese Health Care System had a major reform and based their ear points, which they had been using for centuries, upon Dr. Nogier's findings.  
In all my years of having spoken to Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, I have yet to find one who is aware or credits Dr. Nogier for his findings.  

What are Dr. Bach Flower Essence Remedies?

Please note:  Dr. Bach consultations are now available Worldwide via Zoom or in-person at my Calgary, Alberta, Canada office. 

Dr. Edward Bach was a British Doctor, Surgeon, Virologist, Bacteriologist and eventually Homeopathic Doctor, over 100 years ago.  He believed in treating people individually based upon their emotional condition, on the basis that the emotional was causing the physiological condition.

During a consultation, I draw upon my academic background in Counselling and  Psychotherapy to help determine where someones emotional conditions are at and which of the 38 natural remedies that Bach created, are best suited.

The remedies can help with conditions such as fears, frustration, lack of confidence, rumination and over-thinking, feeling overwhelmed, anger, tiredness and more.

The remedies are tinctures that you take orally and contain healing forces similar to the method of how Homeopathy pillules are created.
The remedies are non-toxic, non-habit forming, have no contra-indications and are suitable for use with adults, children and pets. 

Please note: the tinctures contain a microscopic amount of Brandy, a natural alcohol preservative which was how it was made over 100 years ago. 

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