Please note:
If you have not had a covid MRNA or vaccine there is no required wait before treatment, please book in as normal. 

If you have had a covid MRNA/vaccine - please wait a minimum of at least 2 - 3 weeks after your MRNA/vaccine before booking your treatment. 

There are still no guidelines from Health Canada as to how long to wait for a treatment after a covid MRNA/vaccine, so at this time, we have been asked to determine our own guidelines, a 2-3 week waiting time is hopefully enough time for an MRNA/vaccine to settle down in the body.  Of course, one cannot tell how long is needed without Health Canada's guidance, so please use your own judgement when it comes to this.
Once Health Canada provides more details, this will be updated accordingly.

Reflexology is a non-discriminatory modality and should not discriminate based on anyone's vaccine status.


Meet Kerrie


Kerrie graduated from a 4 year health degree from a top-ranked British University as well as completed further academic studies in integrated health and social care.

Kerrie is also a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist and belongs to RAC.  She is further trained and certified in Auricular Medicine and the 38 Bach flower essence remedies.  

Over the last 9 years, Kerrie has worked alongside people with physical health conditions, mental health and addiction issues, from many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.  

Although Kerrie was seeing some results in her clients from her academia background, her pursuit for wanting to help more, led her down the path of holistic therapies, having been inspired by functional medicines approach and by research over the years into complementary therapies.

She currently supports a wide variety of clients and has special interests in stress management, mental health, pain reduction & sports performance.

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