Introducing Tara & Kerrie - Blue Rock Collaborations for this Fall!

As an independent business, I get to meet some very interesting practitioners from time to time.  Recently I had the pleasure of working with and experiencing the services that Tara Klippert offers.

Tara is a registered Holistic Nutritionist from Foods and Feels who is based in The Yukon.

Tara is currently offering all Blue Rock friends, clients and visitors a 10% discount off your purchase of any meal plans and/or cookbooks.

Simply visit
And use the discount code BR10 at checkout 

Tara Klippert

Registered Health & Nutrition Counsellor

On her website, Tara offers meal plans and cookbooks for various dietary approaches.

Tara Klippert has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching from Nutraphoria, and is a Registered Health and Nutrition Counsellor.

She owns Foods and Feels Wellness and is based out of Whitehorse Yukon, all the way up in northern Canada!

When she was younger she struggled with various hormonal and digestive health issues. Since then she has spent her whole life learning about how to support all these symptoms as naturally as possible through food and lifestyle changes.
Struggling with her own ongoing health problems was what brought her to live a more holistic lifestyle, and is what sparked her passion for helping others.

Tara offers the following meal plans & cookbooks for: 

Paleo Diet, Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, Acne Clearing and Hormone Balancing, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (pcos), Candida Diet, Elimination Diet, Low Fodmap Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Dairy Free Diets, Keto Diet, Sugar Free Diet and Blood Sugar Balancing Diet.

Be sure to use the discount code BR10 for a 10% discount! 

Kerrie Hallam FDDAC

Registered Candian Reflexology Therapist, Auricular Medicine Practitioner

Currently I am offering the chance for people who are interested in being a case study for my further studies with Auricular Medicine as I continue my research and exams in this European modality, which was created by a French Neurologist and is practised widely in Europe and South America.

Treatments will be offered at $45 which helps offset the cost of equipment, tuition, course fees and exams.

Requirements: To be a case study, you will need to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions, up to a maximum of 5.

Treatments involve me working on your ears on certain acupressure points.  I use no needles. Most people find the treatment relaxing.
Some people find there can be tender areas, which indicates that there is a correlating issue from the ear point related to the body.

Currently - 100% of my clients state there has been a) reduction in pain levels and/or b) increase in range of motion compared to before their treatment.
Some clients have even termed it "an alternative to the Chiropractor".

Following Dates Available are:
Wednesday 3rd January 2024,  1pm to 4pm
Wednesday 10th January 2024,  1pm to 4pm 
Wednesday 17th January 2024, 1pm to 4pm 

Please contact me by going on the 'contact us' page, and leaving a message.

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