Seniors & Children/Youth up to 18 will receive a discount upon payment.

Reflexology - 1 hr

$110 Initial 1.5 hours 
$85 Subsequent 1 hour

1 hour treatment on the feet, ears or face, gently applying pressure on specific areas to reduce tension, increase circulation and help the body function optimally.
Many people fall asleep during treatment as they find it so relaxing.  Reflexology is for anyone of any age and has many beneficial qualities helping restore balance to the mind and body. 

Auricular Medicine - 1 hr


This therapeutic modality, created by French Neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier and is still widely practiced in Europe.  A natural, drug-free, pain-free method of detecting where an imbalance lies in the body.  
By using hand held filters near the external ear and detecting a change in the body's pulse, we can determine where the imbalance lies and treat with a cold laser.
There has been improvement noted on people with Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis using this treatment.  
A wide range of people's physical and emotional health can be treated with this modality. 

Auriculotherapy 30 - 40 mins


Working on the ear from Dr. Paul Nogier and Dr. Terry Oleson's landmarks and protocols, I am one of a handful of trained therapists in Canada that uses specialist equipment to detect points on the ear that correspond with the body.  These points emit electrical impulses that if out of balance can be tonified or sedated and restore balance to the body.
There are hundreds of pain conditions that can be treated by this modality.

This drug-free, pain-free treatment has helped clients increase range of motion in their neck/shoulders, helped with neck pain, back pain, allergies, acid reflux after 1 treatment.  

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